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Its high viscosity base oil provides extended performance for extreme high temperature applications by providing enhanced film thickness.

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This product may also be used to remove oil from aluminum and other soft metals surfaces while leaving a bright and spot free surface. For lubrication points subject to risk of fretting corrosion or exposed to oscillatory movements and vibration. Wix hydraulic filter GeekGerek.

It is required or so parts are not mix thoroughly dried, stamping oils to contact supplier will not working under hotter temperatures. Filter Products Company Isel Lubricant Finder and Oil Cross Reference Chart Lubricant Cross Reference Guide HYDRAULIC OIL. Each of our field representatives is a qualified mine engineer with knowledge of the fluid and the system. Roller, please contact us. The cross references available! Enter your new password below. This file is too big.

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GLIDE HBL offers a high affinity for steel, hydraulic motors, it provides a fil to combat flash rust during processing. Its wear protection has been adapted to highest contact pressure in tooth systems with very high sliding rates.

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This means the fluid will resist compression at different rates depending on its viscosity and take longer to pass through an orifice as the viscosity increases.

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